Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Emery Cat Review

I was thrilled to see the Emery Cat Scratching Board commercial a few months back. First, because I love As Seen on TV commercials, especially the dumb ones, and second because I really need one of these things.

Emery Cat

Let me first start by saying that most scratching posts do not work, well, at least not for my two cats. And second, when my cats scratch me, I get really swollen from whatever is under their claws. I don't know how normal that it is but for me it's a real problem. Not to mention my torn up cloth and leather furniture getting trashed is no fun.

So Emery Cat was very intriguing to me because of it's price and it's promise to solve the problems my cats have created in my life. I have a few scratching posts and even a cool one which the cats are supposed to climb around on leave me alone, but they always want to be where I am and the scratching posts are not very attractive. I keep them in a back room and they're pretty much useless.

I thought that if the cat nip infused emery cat scratcher appealed to my cats in any way, then it would be worth the price. I love as seen on TV stuff and I love to buy it so I can talk about how they don't work in my hubs but I had high hopes for my Emery Cat Reviews.

Let's watch the Emery Cat Commercial below and pick up afterward. Take special notice of the sound effects. They had me rolling on the floor the first few times I saw the commercial on TV.

Emerycat Commercial

Emery Cat Reviews
See what I mean about the commercial? I love it. (In that campy As Seen On TV kind of way)

So Emery cat looks pretty cool, right? Well, if it works I mean. I bought into the ad, hook, line and sinker. I wasn't sure if I could find Emery Cat in stores and where I live I don't get too many chances to see As Seen on TV stuff in stores anyway so the products I review I mostly buy online through offers. I'm not an affiliate marketer, just an avid hubber and As Seen On TV enthusiast. I link to good sites and occasionally some lucky affiliate because I always want to give my readers a chance to buy a product if they want to. The Emery Cat Scratcher is a product I liked because my cats liked it.

Here's how Emery Cat Works. First, if you have a cat, then you know they have a natural urge to scratch and stretch. They love digging those claws into anything they can find and it's usually at their owner's expense. Removing their claws is expensive and, to me, really cruel. It doesn't alleviate their desire to scratch, it just leaves them frustrated and defenseless. It also requires that they become indoor cats and I for one do not want to clean a litter box!

I want my cats to come and go as they please and just be cats. But, I don't want to get scratched because of the discomfort it causes me and I really don't want my furniture ruined. I really think Emery Cat is gonna be a huge smash hit because I can't be the only one who has this problem.

So the first thing my review will reveal is that I went with the up sell. I know, I know I'm a sucker but I think in this case I'm a smart sucker. In my offer I saw this the following:

For just another $10 you get the Deluxe Emery Cat Board, including a larger board, injection molded base, and a 5-year warranty.

Emery Cat

Now as soon as I saw this, I went back to the Emery Cat Page to snoop around at the photos because I suspected I would see a small cat or kitten in the photos. You see, my cats are fat and I needed a big solid Emery Cat or it would just be a waste.

I decided to upgrade and I'm glad I did. My cats loved the Emery Cat because of the Cat Nip. Once that wore off, they were already used to scratching on it so the habit stuck. They never were interested in toy after the initial buzz wore off but they love the honeycomb design of the scratching surface. Perhaps it gives them a different type of resistance that those stupid carpeted scratching posts.

I want to point out in this review that besides being a scratching post of sorts, the Emery Cat is an actual emery board for cats. It uses their own scratching motion to file down their claws. I think it works well. I have tried to clip their claws in the past but I was always scared of hitting the quick and causing pain. I occasionally had their claws trimmed during vet visits but that was expensive and I don't visit the vet enough to keep the claws at a safe level. Once they grew back, the destruction returned so it never justified the expense. Once the furniture is destroyed, well, why bother.

If your cat or cats take to the Emery Cat scratching board, chances are they will leave your furniture alone or at least their claws will be dull enough not to destroy it. As far as curing my weird reactions to getting scratched, I would have to say it has helped a little. My cats still take swipes at me but they don't get their claws stuck in my flesh like they use to. I will get scratches still but not those nasty punctures.

The bottom line is that I have to give the Emery Cat a positive review and most reviews I've read online are positive regarding the usefulness of the product. I've seen some reviews that mention shipping problems and that time of thing but if you order from a reputable source you should be fine.
Buy the Emerycat
You can purchase the Emerycat at http://emerycat.allthingscommercial.com/
AllThingsCommercia.com is an as seen on tv store.

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